March 12, 2008: What's the Story?


To The Editor:

I am livid!
Here we are, well into March 2008 and not a word about Fleischmanns sewer hookup reimbursements. In fact, there’s been no one to talk to. Ms. Wendy Buerge of the M-ARK Group directs me to the Fleischmanns Village Clerk who is literally “out to lunch.” No one knows anything. Rumors are flying.
Referring back to all the notices I received back in March of 2007 they stated, “There will be money to help every property owner with the costs…if connected by December 15, 2007.
Although shabbily done, mine was completed and paid for before the deadline. Now, where’s my reimbursement? Living on Social Security I begged and borrowed to have this hook up done. I will not be cheated!
I cannot believe other “victims” of this scam are unconcerned. What’s the story here?

Michael Mendel,