March 11, 2009: Scott Murphy will be a vital asset


To The Editor:
The author of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People," Steven Covey, said this: "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies your freedom and power to choose your response. In those responses lies your growth and your happiness."
On March 31, voters in the 20th Congressional District have the opportunity to choose Scott Murphy, a dynamic, smart, family-oriented businessman to represent our interests. I strongly urge you to do so.
Alternately, we could choose to send a career politician, Republican Jim Tedisco, who holds a leadership position in historically the most dysfunctional state legislature in the country (see Brennan Center October 2006), who furthermore cannot take the time to educate himself about current House of Representative legislation, nor share how he would vote on issues important to those he seeks to serve. Additionally, our career politician was chosen to be the candidate in a less than inclusive process that didn’t even include an interview by the Republican County Committee leadership.  Proudly, the Democratic Committee leadership engaged in a tireless, inclusive process to find and promote the most qualified candidate among a large pool of great applicants.
We found in Democrat Scott Murphy what truly represents the needs of this vast district. He is an expert in small business economic development, a vital asset as we look to create and maintain healthy, vibrant communities in this difficult economic climate. He is fiscally conservative and articulates a real ability to understand and analyze problems to seek common sense solutions across a wide spectrum of issues important to voters. 
On March 31, you have the freedom and power in this very special election to vote for Scott Murphy. He will lead us with compassion, hard work, dedication, and tireless enthusiasm.

Cynthia Lockrow-Schimmerling,
Delaware County Democratic Chairwoman