March 10, 2010: Too bad cheerleading is not covered


To The Editor:
I had the pleasure of attending the Gilboa cheerleading competition on Saturday. MCS cheerleaders took second place trophies for their cheer and their dance routine. I am so very proud of these girls! They have worked so very hard and it shows!
It is disappointing, as a member of this community, to find our local paper does not “cover” cheerleaders. These girls work very hard!
If you doubt the athleticism of cheerleading, take a look at a pro squad doing a routine. Long gone are the days of everyone clapping on the floor and doing basic cartwheels. Girls are thrown into the air to perform complicated air maneuvers and then caught by their peers.
Cheerleading is not recognized by any of the major athletic associations, including the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), as a sport – but there are over 225 colleges and community colleges that offer full and partial cheerleading scholarships. With the leaps and bounds this sport has made in the last few years, it will only be a matter of time before cheerleading is seen in the same light as other sports. How wonderful if the Catskill Mountain News had a hand in helping this happen.
According to the annual participation survey of the National Federation of State High School Associations, competitive cheering is one of the top 10 girls’ sports in this country.
I hope to see this paper provide “fair and balanced” coverage of all sports in the future.

Christina Perrone,