Many thanks to tree trimmers


To The Editor:
Although there are too many to name individually, I would like to take a moment to thank each and everyone of those individuals and businesses who donated and contributed funds to the “Trim A Tree Project” for the families of Blenheim and Prattsville. The outpouring of love was truly amazing, and taught me an important lesson in the true meaning of Christmas love.

The Prattsville/Blenheim Christmas Party, held on December 10 was a huge success thanks to Cathy Rappleyea, disaster relief coordinator as well as the many volunteers who spent uncountable hours working to make this a day to remember. To see smiles on children and adult faces, many who haven’t had much to be happy about during the past months, as well as laughter, music, food and common friendship was a joy. I witnessed a community whose strength and faith are overcoming disaster. Prattsville begins to look alive again. This is the most wonderful Christmas gift I could ever receive. Thank you Prattsville!

To everyone: appreciate the little things in life that many times get taken for granted during the holidays and throughout the years to come.
Pam Zoll,