Many DEC license fees lowered

Sportsmen recently received good news when the price of many licenses issued by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation dropped as of February 1.
A breakdown of the pricing for the most popular types of licenses shows the following changes.

Annual Fishing License:
Resident $25, (previously $29). Nonresident $50, (previously $70).

7-Day Fishing License:
Resident $13, (previously $15). Nonresident $31, (previously $35).

1-Day Fishing License:
Resident $5, (previously $5, unchanged). Nonresident $10, (previously $15).
Hunting License (small game and big game included):
Resident $22, (previously $29 or $26 for small game only).
Nonresident $100, (previously $85 small game, $140 deer and $50 bear).

Bowhunting Privilege:
Resident $15, (previously $21). Nonresident $30, (previously $140).

Muzzleloading Privilege:
Resident $15, (previously $21). Nonresident $30, (previously $140).

Turkey Permit:
Resident $10, (previously $10, unchanged). Nonresident $20, (previously $50).

Trapping Licenses:
Resident $20, (previously $21). Nonresident $275, (previously $310).
The DEC has also updated its free and reduced fee licenses/privileges.
Juniors 12-15 years old (resident and nonresident) may obtain Hunting Licenses for $5. Bowhunting privileges are an additional $4.
Trapping Licenses for Juniors 15 and under are $5.
Fishing, Hunting & Trapping Licenses for residents aged 70 and older are $5 each. Bow Hunting and Muzzleloading privileges are free for resident seniors.
Resident Military Members under the Patriot Plan an entitled to free licenses fro Fishing, Hunting and Trapping. Resident active military personnel stationed outside New York may obtain free Fishing, Hunting and Trapping licenses.
Nonresident students attending a NYS university or college can purchase Fishing, Hunting and Trapping licenses at the resident price.