Man kills self during police shootout

Suspect had shot girlfriend, fled cops

By Julia Green
Exactly one week short of a year after he was shot by Travis Trim at the Sunoco Country Store in Margaretville, New York State Trooper Matthew J. Gombosi was once again the target of gunfire, this time in Stamford where he and his partner, Trooper David J. Morgan, confronted a distraught gunman who had just shot his girlfriend.
Gombosi and Dale A. Rossman, 41, exchanged shots in Stamford Thursday evening after Gombosi and Morgan pursued Rossman to a residence in a trailer park where he was living with his father.
According to autopsy results, Rossman died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head following the conflict with state police, according to The Daily Star. The exchange took place after he shot his girlfriend, Connie L. Merwin, 35, in the stomach at her residence in Grand Gorge at about 5 p.m., according to a release issued by the state police.
Rossman fled Merwin’s residence in a vehicle and was spotted by a state police patrol but refused to stop when ordered to do so and continued to his own residence at a trailer park on Hobart Road in Stamford. According to the Star, troopers Gombosi and David J. Morgan pursued him to his residence, at which point Rossman exited his vehicle and pointed his .44-caliber handgun at Gombosi, who discharged eight rounds from his own firearm.
Rossman was struck in the leg, but the fatal wound was a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. According to state police, Rossman had a permit for the weapon. New York State Police Capt. Mark Lester said that an investigation determined that Trooper Gombosi was justified in his actions.
Merwin was airlifted to Albany Medical Center for surgery and was listed in stable condition in the intensive care unit.
It was reported in the Star that Rossman’s brother said that Rossman had been having problems with Merwin, and that family members had urged him to end the relationship. The brother, David Rossman, also said that his father, Carson Rossman, was having a hard time dealing with the shooting. His father, with whom Rossman was living, was at home at the time of the incident.
According to the statement released by the state police, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection Police and the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office assisted in the investigation.