Making progress difficult


To The Editor:
I read Denny Herzberg’s letter to the editor with some amusement.  Trying to equate the building of Gitter’s monstrosity with “progress” is laughable enough, but then sweepingly tying the opposition to the resort by the Catskill Heritage Alliance (CHA) to presuming that “this same group does not want to see our hard hit communities rebuild,” and then pillorying the group because of it is laughable.  

CHA has raised and donated funds to assist the people who were faced with destruction, but of course we live in a society where facts don’t matter.  Perhaps if Mr. Herzberg took the time to forge a few more carefully crafted paragraphs, we would have found that CHA is connected to the rise of Muslim fundamentalism around the world, and the “heartbreak of psoriasis.”

I suggest that Mr. Herzberg leave the art of the smear job to the professionals in the national GOP and their stooge media and try to get a modest, fragile grip on reality. “Progress” is difficult to achieve, and destruction for the sake of a quick buck is easy.  Once that mountain is gone, it will be gone for the lifetimes of many generations.  Reckless over-development is not progress. And although it has been “successful” for the lowest elements in our society, attaching people to unconnected events is wrong.

We had a war in Iraq where tens of thousands of people died because of such techniques.  We saw the destruction of a good, noble and decent group of dedicated Americans, ACORN, from the same pestilence.  These actions were accomplished by professional smear artists, Mr. Herzberg, and you are a rank (in both senses of the word) amateur.

John Cerullo,