Longyear "Artists Choose Artists" show opens

By Cheryl Petersen
Displayed side-by-side is artwork of members and non-members of Longyear Gallery in Margaretville.
“It’s fun,” said Elaine Grandy, member. “Longyear has hosted the Artists Choose Artists’ show for five years as an invitational to guest artists to exhibit their artwork.”
Artist Elaine Grandy had on display at Longyear a collage piece. But throughout the year, she kept a keen eye open for something new and different. “I’m also a massage therapist and when I traveled to Meredith for my work I was in Cheryl Holtzmann’s home, which had beautiful artwork on the walls.” Grandy asked Cheryl about the pieces and discovered it was Cheryl Holtzmann herself who was the artist. Grandy then invited Holtzmann to be a guest at the A”rtist Choose Artists.”

Goes with oil
Holtzmann chose an oil artwork to display. It, along with 22 other guest pieces, was set up for the opening reception last Saturday. Rik Kelly, also a guest artist, was invited by member Alix Hallman-Travis.
“Back in the day, I did a lot of photography,” said Kelly, who had two photos on display. “Then I got caught up in Cooperate America and the photography went to the side.” But, artists can find artists.
Kelly met Brennan Kearney, the daughter of Alix Hallman-Travis. Conversation drifted toward art and the photos came out. An invitation was extended to Rik Kelly to display at Longyear Gallery. “I selected about 20 photos and had Brennan help me chose what to bring,” said Kelly.
“Rik does exceptional work,” said Kearney. “I looked the photos over but I also had the opportunity to visit Rik at his home office in New York City where he had two photos hanging on the wall. They were the ones to bring I told him. The photos show movement and energy.” One of the photos reveals motion on the subway.
Longyear Gallery hours are Friday, Sunday, and Monday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. “Exhibits are for sale,” said member, Christopher Moore. “Various media is displayed with a wide choice of colors and textures.”