Local youth group volunteers packing airlift for Kyrgyzstan

Andes — At CitiHope a team of young men recently volunteered their after-school and evening hours to help pack a $3.9 million airlift shipment of humanitarian medicine bound for the Kyrgyz Republic in Central Asia. 
When Paul Moore II, COO of CitiHope got word that a late afternoon delivery of medicine was scheduled to be shipped out the next day, he contacted a number of the young men he mentors through Logic Knights (LK). Since 2002, each Saturday night at CitiHope headquarters local boys meet for an evening of LK interactive gaming.  LK provides refreshments and a positive environment that reinforces traditional values and encourages local boys to develop into honorable young men.
LK members Isaiah and Ezekial Keator, Nathan Tuch, Justin Weaver, David Piskacek, and Zac Morales responded and spent several hours packing, strapping and wrapping pallets with their mentors Paul Moore II and Jason Coffin in order to make the shipment ready for pick up. 
The shipment, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State program “Operation Provide Hope” contained two highly needed medicines to treat chronic hepatitis C, one of the two most prevalent blood-borne infections. Cases of all forms of hepatitis are on the rise in Kyrgyzstan. CitiHope responded to an urgent request for assistance and participated in a USDOS/USAID initiated support activity aimed at strengthening infection control for needy patients in hospitals with high risk of HIV/hepatitis C transmission.
With average monthly salaries in Kyrgyzstan comparable to U.S. $50, treatment with such expensive medicines remains out of reach for many hepatitis C patients.