the life you saved by being careful


To The Editor:
What if, one the day you were in a hurry or driving drunk, you murdered someone?

Approximately three months ago a drunk driver hit a car backing out of our driveway. Had the car backing up been two more feet into the road, my granddaughter and or the driver would have been seriously injured or murdered. The drunk driver was arrested.

On June 8, 2012 you made a decision to drive drunk. Your skid marks are on both sides of the road from the Greene County line all the way down county Route 37 past our home. Across the road is a piece of the car you were driving. Your cousin was in the car with you. You had just turned 21.

What if, instead of hitting the bank, you murdered yourself, your cousin or someone else? Could you live with that? The police were called, not once, but twice.

It’s not just the drunk drivers. Many of us get behind the wheel, drive too fast, talk on cell phones, pass on double lines and otherwise drive irresponsibly because we are in a hurry. And for what? We have children here and neighbors that walk and ride bicycles.

Nowhere on county Route 37 is the speed limit posted at 55 mph. All speed postings are at 45 mph or below. Depending on circumstances, even 40 mph is too fast on this road.
So I ask you. What if you murdered someone today?

Please drive responsibly. The life you save may be yours, or a loved one.

Linda Stoner,