Librarian a tough act to follow


To The Editor:
Today I don’t wish to write about negatives of energy, economy or what’s wrong with Washington. No, today I want to write a few positive words about our very own community treasure. A place where you leave your political partisan hat by the door and talk and listen to issues, even if you disagree. There are times when I have to bite my lip. A place where I and so many of my fellow citizens of different beliefs and ideas congregate to say, “Is winter really over?” or ‘is spring going to give us pay back for the mild winter?” A place where you talk about subjects that one does not always take the time to discuss our busy outside world. When you enter this building all the right plans for the afternoon seems to go into delay mode, as thou there is a giant pause button on the roof giving all of us inside time to converse and reflect on the local gossip of the day, and enjoy each other’s company.

By the end of the day when you must leave, the departure schedule it seems is always delayed for there is no fast goodbye going past the front desk. Don’t plan to be home in 10 minutes, it will never happen. The place reminds me of the TV sitcom “Cheers” (minus the beer) “a place where everyone knows your name.” That place my friends in our Fairview Library.

Our community library provides us with books, newspapers, magazines, computers and wifi. These services are a valuable asset to the community. The sad part is that the person that is responsible for all the above and more, Diana Cope, is leaving her job as head librarian. Diane worked tirelessly to make the library what it is today, the town’s social hub. Everyday she orders our book and has the paper work completed and ready to be picked up and politely reminds us when our books are overdue. The newspapers are up to date and on the self. Magazines are in the proper place in the magazine rack. The computers are ready to be used with a new sign up sheet for that day. If you have a computer malfunction or if you need to know how to download information it is Diana that will get the gremlins out and show you how to browse the websites and with great patience explain how to download information. That is only a small part that we the public see. She does all the above and more and still has a warm and welcoming personality for everyone coming through the door.

I know we are all replaceable, but Diana Cope is a tough act to follow. I have confidence that all of us that patronize the Fairview Library have a similar positive experience.
Thank you Diana for all you have done for our community library.

Kurt Holcherr,