Letter writer was right on target


To The Editor:
In support of Denny Herzberg’s letter to the editor in your January 4 issue, I offer the following comments. Val D’Isere Restaurant and Margo’s on Route 28 have been vacant for years. Other restaurants are in precarious positions limping along and empty storefronts in Phoenicia and Margaretville are an eye sore. If there isn’t an injection of capital for new development and potential business opportunities, our area is going to die (it is dying a slow death already.) 

Years ago, Times Square was a cesspool.  Then, Marriott International took a huge gamble and built the Marriott Marquis.  Its occupancy has been among the highest in its chain.  The Marquis served as a catalyst to bring back the area; which is now a major tourist attraction in the City.  Same experience when Loews Hotels developed their property in South Beach, Miami. What rose up out of a decaying neighborhood was amazing.  Today, South Beach is a world-class destination.

The Belleayre Resort and the proper management of the ski center would be a boon to the Catskills bringing commerce and prosperity to a magnificent part of New York State that should be enjoyed by all.  The hospitality industry offers incredible opportunities for young people to pursue a rewarding career path, and many organizations offer training and management programs.  At present, there aren’t many prospects for graduates who are relocating in droves. 
Mr. Herzberg was right on target.
Dorothy A. Jennings,