Letter doesn't make sense


To The Editor:
Mr. Feineis’ letter, in last week’s paper, which criticizes Robin Williams doesn’t make sense.  For one thing, he says that she is “out of touch with nature.” 
Ms. Williams is known to me as someone who is keenly appreciative of nature and its array of life forms.  She is also in touch with the advances of modern science and promotes a wholesome vegan diet. 

Current research shows that eating a vegetarian or vegan diet promotes the health of all people including the recipients of feeding the hungry programs, families and individuals.
Mr. Feineis also contradicts  himself when he says in his second paragraph that she “does not possess one iota of fair chase” or “element of pursuit,” and later justifies the stocking of game, rationalizing that “it’s not easy to buck brush all day to flush a pheasant” and “try to hit it scaling at speeds of 65 mph.”  

Read up on a vegetarian or vegan diet to learn how to stay healthy.  With all due respect to time-honored traditions, it is sometimes wiser to take advantage of the proven advances of today’s science.

Gloria Zola-Mulloy,