Let's build the pipeline


To The Editor:
In recent weeks President Obama has refused to give his seal of approval for the largest pipeline construction in North America. A joint venture between Canada and the United States. He claims that more environmental studies need to be conducted before he will give his approval.

Keystone XL has been under environmental review since this project has been in its first planning stage. The EPA review of the project finds, no significant impact on the environment since the 36-inch pipeline will have a minimum of four feet ground cover. The only concerns was the routing of the pipe over the Ogallala aquifer in Nebraska. The builder of the pipeline agreed to reroute the line away from the aquifer.

Opponents of the project like Congressman Henry Waxman (D) urged the State Department to block the permit to build Keystone XL because “this pipeline is a multibillion dollar investment ($7 billion) to expand our reliance on fossil fuel for transportation”. No Congressman, Keystone XL will be an important reliable source of energy we need. Because oil is the fuel that drives our economy, a good economy gives us the highest standard of living on earth. Even with the billions of dollars invested by private investors, (no government subsidy here) it is still better than windmills or solar panels. Ideas that have yet to live up to its political promises…

We have an opportunity to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by nine percent. Much of our imported oil comes from unreliable sources from around the world. Keystone is politically stable, environmentally safe and a reliable energy transportation in infrastructure. When completed the Keystone energy transportation system will have the capacity to transport 1.1 million barrels of oil a day. We have been transporting oil throughout the country by pipeline systems for over half a century with no major problems.

To President Obama and my environmental concerned friends, I would like to remind you, this is not a question over oil verses alternative energy. This is a question of whether we want oil from our friend, allied and economic partner Canada, or a Venezuelan socialist dictator or a corrupt unstable country like Nigeria, or the Middle East with its political uncertainty. Do you want our oil to be transported by tanker in an unstable world or transported via pipeline within our own borders? Do you want Canada to build a pipeline to the Pacific Ocean and sell the oil to China, India or any other country that wants to build up its economic power against us? If we use the oil it will be consumed with the strictest environmental standards on earth. If it’s shipped to other countries it will be used under very limited environmental standards. Do you want to tell the welders, pipe fitters, equipment operators, the pipe manufactures and all the other support services about 20,000 people, to look for Green jobs with nine percent unemployment?…

Kurt Holcherr,