Let the drilling facts rule


To The Editor:
This is in response to Henry Blaufox’s recent letter to this paper, which is filled with optimism and misinformation about the potential benefits of fracking in the watershed. It’s easy and convenient for Mr. Blaufox to blame New York City as the source of our future economic woes, instead of blaming the frackers, who are truly the bad guys. They have the money and are trying to buy their way into our lives. Here today, gone in a few years, in a lottery-like situation where few benefit and the damage is great.

Any potential short-term economic benefits will be overwhelmed with the long-term degradation of our air and water.  The character of the landscape will become industrial, a huge blow to tourism and agriculture, the main drivers of our economy. The history of extractive industries always shows a depressed economy over time. 

The proposed regulations do not address the cumulative health impacts of multiple well bores and pipelines over an entire region.  In other states, in regions with multiple wells, there are severe air pollution problems and people are getting sick. Some hospitals are overwhelmed. The majority of well casings leak over their lifetime. There has never been any science proving that fracking is safe. 
Anyone who thinks the DEC, which is grossly understaffed and underfunded, can protect us is living in a dream world. Like Washington, the DEC regulators and the fracking industry, have much too cozy a relationship.

The only way to stay safe is to ban fracking for at least 20 years. Let the actual facts rule, not the ridiculous hearsay and projections which overwhelm us now. Over time, the truth will emerge. Perhaps by then, renewable energy and conservation will rule. 
Please use your vote-opinion at the local level to ban fracking in your town. 

Robert Lidsky,