Let Belleayre keep its promise


To The Editor:
One of the reasons I have a home in the central Catskills Region is the existence of Belleayre Mt. It has been a major magnet to the area for decades and our family, our friends and those who visit us here all enjoy it.

You don’t have to be a skier to benefit from Belleayre Mt. The area brings people to the local businesses here in both summer and winter – keeping the shops afloat for all the rest of us. The people who work at Belleayre are important members of our community. They are first responders in emergencies, provide shelter in storms, and volunteer for everything from dog walking at animal shelters to singing in the local choir.

Belleayre is our most important economic engine. But it is also a social engine, the heart of recreation and cultural opportunities. We need Belleayre to be all it can be. Now, with a public/private partnership, we have the opportunity to help Belleayre and at the same time, help our region. We have a chance, with limited taxpayer investment, to build out the ski center and develop amenities around it that will allow it, once again, to be successful as the heart and soul of the economy, social life and the outdoor recreation opportunity in our region.

I’m writing to support the full build out of Belleayre Mt. and the development of the Belleayre Resort around it. I’m writing to urge speedy approval, at the end of the statutory comment period, and delivery to the developers of all permits and funding as may be needed to get this project built. Please, let Belleayre Mt. keep its promise to our region.

Sean O’Shaughnessy,