Learning is a work in progress


To The Editor:
For the last 21 months I have been in the most intensive on the job training of my adult life: heavy with the after effects and paperwork of Irene, challenged with the immense effort of learning a job – particularly in light of that disaster - that has been all consuming. There have been both highs and lows as well as bumps and hurdles, some handled and taken much better than others, during my on the job training, yet I am very proud to now be able to run on the record of what the town board and I have achieved, a long list of accomplishments we will build on over the next two years with your help this coming Tuesday.
I believe strongly that Middletown - and Delaware County as a whole - are at the tipping point, a place where we are, collectively, choosing our future, a future I know is bright and full of promise - but, we won’t get there without the will to lean forward, to lean forward while we continue to make progress, progress that includes a willingness to accept change and the will to take calculated yet intelligent risks and the will to vision a brighter future, ‘for where there is no vision, the people perish’. Next week I hope you will vote to help me - help all of us - tip forward.
With regard to several unfair and unfounded rumors (and downright nonsense) that have been being floated by those who do not support me:

• The Sewer Use Law has been settled for months; there is no investigation by any organization, legal or otherwise. This can be clearly discovered by looking at the town board record in the town clerk’s office or by simply asking Town Attorney John Fairbairn. Seven months into office I took the advice of an attorney, Kevin Young, who had dealt with the SUL and represented Middletown regarding the SUL for over 13 years; inexperience, not malice or conspiracy, is what has led to near constant battering in the News and elsewhere by those who wish me to fail.

• The Fairview and Skene Libraries must, as a requirement of NYS Public Education Law, give the town their budget and annual report as a result of their receiving tax dollars from the town. The Skene Library has met this legal standard without any upset or issue. Len Utter, when he was the Chief Fiscal Officer (Supervisor) of Middletown, regularly withheld funds to MMH for the ambulance ($70,000 annually) until he received their annual report. As an additional aside: Gary Rosa, who is the attorney for the Fairview, performs whatever is required for their functioning as a library entirely free of charge.

• The Middletown Town Board voted unanimously to end workshop meetings; we, as a board, decided that we should conduct all public business in the public eye, and as very few people, and no press representatives, attended workshop meetings, this way of doing business increases transparency and accountability in local government.
In the last almost two years my single goal has been and will continue to be to do what is in the best interests of Middletown and Delaware County. Obviously I cannot do this without your support next week; I can also do it better with the continuing help of Mike Finberg – who has been an invaluable resource for me over the past two years and while we don’t always agree, he fights fair – as well as with the assistance of a man of integrity and character relatively new to local politics, Dean Hunter. I ask you to support me by supporting these two gentlemen in their races for town board next week, with my thanks.
Public service to this community and county is a long and proud tradition in my family; my brother Fred and I were raised to do the right thing and give back. As the product of a mixed marriage between a Democrat – my beloved mother - and a Republican - my darling dad, I know that I am privileged to serve as the representative of all of Middletown’s residents, Republicans, Democrats, Independents and Blanks alike. I appreciate your generosity and patience, as I have learned not just how to do this job but how to truly begin to inhabit the role – the important role – of town supervisor, which learning is an on-going work in progress. I ask for your votes next week as I continue to work to make positive changes for Middletown and the county, with your essential support serving as the wind at my back. Thank you.

Marge Miller, Supervisor
Town of Middletown