Leaders are making more problems


To The Editor:
You reported that the Dela­ware County Supervisors voted to pass a two percent bed tax on hotels, B&Bs and motels in order to help the county promote tourism. I believe the tax will have the opposite effect.
In today’s world of the Internet, our hotels and motels are doing a better job of promoting their businesses than ever before. Yet according to the Cats­kill Mountain News article, “Delaware Supervisors OK Bed Tax Proposal,” our local leaders want to impose a two percent bed tax for the purpose of “tourism.” But Delaware County is not a high-end destination for those who can afford expensive vacations. Therefore the tax on room and board will only serve as a deterrent for visitors who are watching their wallets.
The article also says that Middletown Supervisor Marge Miller wants an administrator to be appointed who will research and investigate situations where beds are rented for the night, even homeowners who rent a bed, and don’t pay sales tax. She says that with the bed tax they would be required to pay both sales and bed tax.
This tax not only targets commercial establishments, but also homeowners who rent their homes on a temporary basis just in order to be able to keep and maintain their second homes, pay all of the existing taxes, insurances and other constant charges when their homes are not being used.
One wonders about the motivations of our officials. Rather than bringing visitors to our area thereby helping our businesses, they are making more problems for the locals and property owners here.

Gloria Mulloy, Fleischmanns