Lake Switzerland another victim


To The Editor:
Return with me now to those days of yesteryear. From out of the past come the happy sounds of laughter and giggles, splishing and splashing! It was one of the crown jewels within the Village of Fleischmanns. It was Lake Switzerland with its wondrous and sometimes powerful waterfall!

Many times this past summer I happened to pass the beautiful lake in Pine Hill, located along Route 28 and it reminded me of what we had in Fleischmanns so many years ago when I was just a young whippersnapper.

I first arrived in the village when I was but eight years old and weather permitting, spent endless summer days at the lake. A nominal entry fee was charged. I spent such happy times in the tiny shallow pen, set aside for the very young and non-swimmers. I learned to swim in that lake.

As I matured, I ventured out of the pen and swam out to a float anchored a good distance from shore. You could feel the changes in water temperature as you stroked your way out. It was adventurous fun. Dressing rooms were made available too. Rowboats and canoes were for rent on an hourly basis. Local hotels hosted  beauty pageants, a concession stand offered cold drinks and snacks. A shore area of white beach sand attracted hearty sun worshippers. Hosts of local folks and summer visitors flocked to the lake daily.

It was one of the main official destinations in the summertime and a sometime iffy spot to ice skate when the lake froze over in those harsh winter days. Today, what once gave such endless pleasure to so many, lies in decay and ruin. No bridge, no waterfall, no hotels, no laughter, no giggles, no splishing, no splashing, NO LAKE!

Michael Mendel,