Kingdon Gould to raze and rehabilitate Main Street eyesore

By Brian Sweeney
The new owner of a former plumbing store in Margaretville plans to raze the building in an effort to clean up a Main Street eyesore.
Kingdon Gould Jr. of Arkville recently purchased the vacant storefront and adjoining apartment from Anthony Strutt and Christin Lau of the United Kingdom.The store, located at 851 Main Street, had been unoccupied since they purchased the property in December 2009. Previous owners Jim and Pam O’Neal had closed the retail business in the spring of 2008.
Mr. Gould said he made the investment “in order to improve the appearance of Margaretville’s Main Street.”
Operated as a plumbing and electrical supply store for many years by Bob Wilson and later by the O’Neals, the store had been boarded up since the devastating flood that swept through the village on August 28, 2011.

Getting worse
The building sustained substantial damage in that historic event. The boards erected to secure the structure were covered in graffiti and the building was sliding into further disrepair.
Mr. Gould told the News that “the plumbing store addition will be demolished and the residential dwelling (adjoining the store) which has two attractive apartments, will be modernized and put back on the market or perhaps made available for members of the management staff of the Catskill Recreation Center.”
This rehabilitation work is already underway, he indicated.
The Catskill Recreation Center referred to by Mr. Gould is an indoor swimming pool facility that is under construction on county Route 38 in Arkville. The facility is expected to be open in May.