Kingdon Gould Jr. honored with Spirit of the Catskill award


By Brian Sweeney
Kingdon Gould Jr. of Arkville was presented with the Spirit of the Catskills Award at the 27th annual Belleayre Snowball held Saturday at Belleayre Mountain.

Surrounded by family and friends, among the 165-plus guests in attendance, Mr. Gould was honored for the many causes and organizations that he has supported over many years.

At the Snowball, Mr. Gould’s longtime contributions were recognized to organizations such at the Belleayre Conservatory (which provides the Belleayre Music Festival and benefits from the Snowball), Margaretville Health Foundation, The Roxbury Arts Group, the Delaware & Ulster Railroad, the MARK Project, New Kingston Animal Sanctuary, Catskill Forest Association and the recent restoration of the Fleischmanns Village Park.

He helped found the Catskill Center for Conservation and Development and has been generous to efforts consistent with its mission of sustainable planning for several decades, event organizers noted.

The Coalition to Save Belleayre recognizes individuals who have improved the quality of life and economic vitality of the region, thus the Spirit of the Catskills Award.
As part of the festivities, Mr. Gould offered a narrated slide presentation providing an overview of his family history.

Mr. Gould, a multi-decade resident of Arkville, has made a profound impact well beyond the Central Catskills Region. He served honorably in World War II, receiving two Purple Hearts and two Silver Stars.

He married Mary Bunce Thorne after the war, and they had four sons and five daughters. Their family now extends to 28 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren.

Mr. Gould graduated from Yale Law School and went on to practice law in Maryland, New York, the District of Columbia as well as the U.S. Supreme Court. As a public servant, he was United States Ambassador to Luxembourg, and then Ambassador to the Netherlands.

In addition to initiating services for families here in the Catskills, Mr. Gould co-founded the Glenelg Country School and the Capital Crescent Trail in Maryland in the nation’s Capital region.

“It was a great party. Kingdon had a wonderful time and stayed until almost midnight!” commented Judy Shiner, one of the event’s organizers.

“He narrated his PowerPoint presentation, all about the Gould family in the Catskills. Everyone remained in their seats to hear more about this family and this very amazing man,” she added.
“Kingdon has contributed so much to the region over the past several decades and the impact has been enormous,” noted MARK Project Director Peg Ellsworth, who was among those turning out to honor Mr. Gould.

Melissa Gould, one of Kingdon’s children, expressed her gratitude to the Snowball organizers.
“It was a very enjoyable evening with delicious food, good band, and fun crowd, as well as a lovely tribute to my father,” she remarked.