'King size' piece of property


To The Editor:
In a recent article published in the News entitled “Rosemary Farm owners to speak at Roundtable,” Dawn Petrlik says that she bought the Rosemary Farm. This is a long way from the truth.

A long time ago Mr. Herrick from Margaretville bought the Rosemary Farm and sold it in parcels. There are several owners. Mr. and Mrs. Sova own the tenant house. Dawn owns the house, the old yellow barn, and a few acres.

In regard to it being the biggest barn in Delaware County, I think she is using “rose colored” glasses. My barn was built in 1910 by a farmer named John King and he always referred to us as “King Size.”
I have lived in Roses Brook for 44 plus years and know about such things.

John Cowan,
Roses Brook