Keller Williams Upstate Properties has new Margaretville office

By Cheryl Petersen
Springtime glows with added freshness after the transition from winter. A similar glow radiates from local professional real estate agents who made a recent transition from Prudential Fox Properties to Keller Williams Upstate New York Properties.
The new Keller Williams Upstate Properties office is on Route 28 between Margaretville and Arkville.The new Keller Williams Upstate Properties office is on Route 28 between Margaretville and Arkville.
“Our office has been fully rebranded as a satellite of Keller Williams Upstate New York Properties,” said Jean Orr, real estate agent and manager of the Margaretville branch office.
The Keller Williams Upstate New York Properties is licensed with Keller Williams (KW) Realty, Inc. the largest real estate franchise company in North America.

Big outfit
“Keller Williams opened in 1983, and is based in Austin, TX,” said Orr.
With approximately 700 offices and 100,000 associates around the world, the KW Company has continued to nurture an education-based, agent collaborative and technology-drive culture.
Last February, KW expanded its network to Otsego, Dela­ware, Chenango, and Schoharie counties with the KW Upstate NY Properties Market Center. Led by owners Joan Fox and Barbara Roberts, based in One­onta, this expanded KW Market Center includes 35 agents.
“The Margaretville branch office has 10 agents,” said, Orr. “As of June 1, the KW Center will be fully transitioned over to the Keller system.”
Though with a Margaretville mailing address, the KW branch office is located at 42415 State Highway 28 in Arkville.
“The Keller Williams model is unique and offers us agents a challenge we are ready to take on,” said Orr.

“The KW system uses cutting-edge technology. Every agent is provided with two personal websites plus a mobile phone application that reflects the cooperation between agents,” she added. The application allows customers to follow their specific agent yet search the multiple listings service in unison.
Because technology continues to transform the ways in which buyers and sellers communicate, real estate professionals strive to stay on the forefront of advances that continue to sharpen their competitive edge.
“Keller Williams not only gives us the tools to work with customers personally, but also encourages individual entrepreneurship,” said Orr. “Over the last three months, each agent spent time developing their profiles under their own specific name and code.”
In the real estate business for more than 25 years, Orr, said, “We are committed to being a permanent presence in the area. I own the log style building that serves as the KW branch in Margaretville/Arkville.”
While agents were making the transition to Keller Williams, the flow of service to buyers and sellers continued unbroken.
“The vision of this business includes the element of consultation. We are not just selling houses,” said Orr. “Real estate agents are problem solvers. We help people find their dream homes, or we help people through their own transitions such as down-sizing or divorce.”

Agent oriented
“It’s very gratifying to help people,” said Orr. “The mission of Keller Williams matches ours because they are agent oriented rather than owner oriented. Keller Williams also incorporates an appealing blend of profit sharing, pensions, and commission for each agent. The agents work hard at combining longtime local experience with the casual friendliness of the region.”
Orr summarizes the KW office goal: “Caring, professional service that enables clients to trust that they can count on agents working together to bring their transactions to a successful close.”