Katie Horn left an indelible mark on MCS community

By Brian Sweeney
Margaretville Central School lost a part of its family on January 20 when one of the district’s most dedicated and popular teachers, Katie Horn, passed away following a brave struggle against cancer.
Katie, 37, had been a reading teacher at MCS since 2010 and quickly became a favorite among co-workers and students, displaying an infectious enthusiasm for her profession.
Katie’s passing was felt throughout the school community. Staff and students agreed that everyone with whom she came into contact admired Katie.
Just a fool for school: Katie Horn, left, with friend and colleague, Alison Jones, all dressed up for Mix-Match Day as part of the MCS School Spirit Week celebration. Rarely did Kate miss an opportunity to participate in Spirit Week festivities. — Contributed photoJust a fool for school: Katie Horn, left, with friend and colleague, Alison Jones, all dressed up for Mix-Match Day as part of the MCS School Spirit Week celebration. Rarely did Kate miss an opportunity to participate in Spirit Week festivities. — Contributed photo
Positive influence
MCS Superintendent Tony Albanese said that, despite the great sadness that has enveloped the school since the news of Katie’s passing, faculty and students have been comforted by recollections of this remarkable person.
“Katie presented herself as a true professional who loved teaching at MCS. Her sense of humor, lighthearted disposition and positive influence on the students and culture at MCS will be truly missed. Our warmest and heartfelt thoughts go out to Menachem (her husband), Ellie (her infant daughter) and Katie’s family,” commented Superintendent Albanese.
The superintendent related a story that summed up Katie’s passion for her work. Recalling her interview to fill a teaching vacancy at MCS, he asked why she should be considered for the job.
“Because I am the best and, if you hire me, I will show you that every day,” Katie responded.
From day one, Katie demonstrated the reason for her brimming confidence, bringing a genuinely passionate dedication to her job.
Along with her desire to help students reach their potential in the classroom, Katie was equally enthusiastic about her work as an advisor for the Scitamard Society, the school’s drama program.

Very special person
MCS music teacher Cassandra Olin said that Katie was a close friend of her co-worker and remembered a truly special person.
“Kate was a very kind, inspirational, positive, upbeat teacher. I put out a call for people to help with the musicals, and she willingly stepped up to help in any way possible. She worked tirelessly on three musicals and two plays, helping students learn lines, assisting with costumes and keeping the kids in line. She loved working with all types of students and was always excited for small gains kids made. She was excellent at her job and she touched many people’s lives.”
Ms. Olin continued, “I’ve heard many stories from kids about how much they truly cared for her. I know to her students she inspired, gave confidence, and instilled a love of learning and reading that they didn’t have before. She loved challenging students to reach their fullest potential.”
Another co-worker and close friend, Alison Jones, recalled Kate as a wonderful, caring human.
“I am so proud to have been her friend. Her friendship, passion for teaching, and love for her family made my heart smile.” Alison added, “Kate was my sister. She was my person. She will always be my person. She will always be with me.”
MCS special education instructor Keira Terpening is colleague whose life was enriched by her friendship with Katie.
“Katie was a vibrant, passionate and strong woman. She was the biggest cheerleader I have ever met, for her family, friends, and students. Her bubbly smile and positive attitude would turn any situation into a better one. My dear friend Katie, you are truly loved and missed by so many,” she commented.
Katie was also a special friend to co-worker Brenda Geehrer-Todd.
“Kate brought her gifts for teaching, leading and caring for others to MCS. She shared her gifts unconditionally. She will be greatly missed, but always remembered,” stated Mrs. Geeher-Todd.

A memorial service to celebrate Katie’s life will be held on Saturday, February 22 at 10 a.m. at the Emerson Resort on Route 28, Mt. Tremper.

Students remember their teacher Katie Horn
Seventh- and eighth-grade students at MCS offered fond memories of their teacher, Mrs. Katie Horn.

“Mrs. Horn was awesome. She was always happy. She made reading and writing fun.”
— Jackson Kowatch

“Mrs. Horn made reading and writing fun and it’s helped me read and write more.”
— Ken Johnson

“Mrs. Horn always let us read plays together. This made us laugh because she always told us to put more excitement into it.”
— Ithamar Silva

“ Mrs. Horn had a joke book and she would read it to us. It was really funny! She also helped me learn how to say, ‘Jackson and I.’ When I donated my hair to Locks of Love, she reminded me how good it was an what a good cause it was for.”
— Lauren Gil

“Mrs. Horn was and always will be a guardian angel.”
—Shania Bosley

“When my friends were in a time of need, Mrs. Horn would let me come over and help them.” — Victoria Janis

“Mrs. Horn always had a bright smile on her face. She taught me how to play Apples to Apples. It’s my favorite game now.”
— Victoria Marin

“Every time we had missing homework, Mrs. Horn always offered to help us with it.”
— Curtis Roberts

“Mrs. Horn was always smiling. She always made boring stuff fun.”
— Kayla Petry

“Mrs. Horn always helped me with my social studies and spelling.”
— Kobi Anfimovas

“Mrs. Horn was always there for us. She was very kind.” — Ian Stanton

“Mrs. Horn always made people smile of they were having a bad day.”
— Brianna Hunter

“Mrs. Horn always had a smile on her face even on the worst days. For instance, when we came back to school after the flood, she was smiling. She always had a positive outlook on the future.” — Angela Davis

“Mrs. Horn was always willing to help us with our work and she was always making us laugh.”
— Denali Finkle

“Mrs. Horn was always there to help no matter what she was doing. She had a great smile and was always smiling.”
—Tanner Reither

“Mrs. Horn helped me with school problems as well as life problems. Everyone will miss her very much. She will never be forgotten.”
— Cody Rieder

‘Mrs. Horn helped me with my reading and writing. Everyone will miss her.”
— Jon Hunt

“Every time a classmate and I went to her room, she always helped us with anything we needed.”
— Dakota Hall

“Mrs. Horn was a beautiful teacher. She always made us laugh. She was very strong and she is an inspiration to all of us.”
— Mackenzie Day

“Mrs. Horn was a very creative teacher.”
— Sam Tanzer

“Mrs. Horn was kind and helpful.”
— Reyes Mejia

“Mrs. Horn was always had a short cut to make things easier for us.”
— Devin Amundsen

“There was never a dull moment in Mrs. Horn’s class.”
— Brandon Goodell and Devin Amundsen

“Mrs. Horn was always more than just a teacher to me.”
— Joe Mauro
“Mrs. Horn was the best board game player.”
— Tyler Searle
“Mrs. Horn was fun and nice.”
— Kush Patel
“Mrs. Horn always helped me write better.”
— Fred Perez
“Mrs. Horn was the best at what she did!”
— Jose Yanez