Junkyard owner gets probation in insurance case

A Fleischmanns junkyard owner has pleaded guilty to charges of fifth-degree insurance fraud and second-degree offering a false instrument for filing and was fined and given a conditional discharge. William Hrazanek, 61, was allowed to plea to the reduced charges in Delaware County Court stemming from his arrest in February. He was originally accused of fraudulently insuring and registering vehicles for illegal aliens.
Investigators said Mr. Hrazanek allegedly provided fraudulent insurance and auto registrations for high-mileage vehicles that were then sold to unlicensed drivers.
At the time of the arrest, police said that most of the people receiving the vehicles were undocumented illegal immigrants residing in Delaware and Ulster counties.
New York State law requires licensed drivers to be U.S. citizens or legal residents. In order to apply for a driver’s license, the applicant must possess valid identification, such as a Social Security card.
The investigators said none of the people receiving the insurance and registrations had Social Security cards.
The case also charged Mr. Hrazanek with calling the cars “garage vehicles” to obtain inexpensive insurance policies because such vehicles are only used by employees in and around a business.
Under the plea deal with Delaware County District Attorney Richard Northrup, Mr. Hrazanek was sentenced to concurrent one-year conditional discharges on each count and fined $2,000.
Explaining his decision to accept the plea, DA Northrup cited “certain infirmities in the case” and said that Mr. Hrazanek had no prior criminal record.