June 3, 2009: Parade photos were wonderful


To The Editor:
There were many lovely pictures taken at last Monday’s Memorial Day Parades. The ones that impressed me the most, were on the front page of your paper. A very moving picture of four gentlemen, standing with heads bowed, with uniform hats in hand over their heart, giving glory and honor to God and to our great country.
Then little Emily waving her flag with a big smile. Looks like her parents are bringing her up to respect our great flag and what it stands for. And Bob Hill, it looks like you may be enjoying the day in spite of all you have gone through this past year.
Not to leave you out, Willis Marks, you don’t change a bit with that Big Broad Smile….. That is what keeps one young even if you don’t feel like it.
God Bless You All.

Berna Van Benschoten,