June 25, 2008: Suitable solution to bridge dilemma


To The Editor:
It is our belief that a more suitable engineering solution can be found in order to preserve the history and natural beauty of the existing structure at Susan’s Pleasant Pheasant Farm. We love to drive over there, day or night, and feel the special ambience of the establishment. The costly options presented to the Kellys by the town are almost not attainable.
I know this is causing a lot of heartache for them. They need more supportive options, truth not rumors, and people to stop this tug of war. They are good, hard working people, and their business is important to all of us.
All of us who own and operate small businesses in the Catskill Region have many challenges to overcome, as well as many personal and financial sacrifices made with just the normal order of business.
While natural forces cause us to rebuild and re-think on a continual basis, it is that exact natural beauty and force that keeps tourists and second homeowners coming back. This is our economic security and that money goes back into the community.
Combined with the rich American history of our region, we live and work in a spectacular and unique region and must preserve and keep in tact that history, flavor and appeal.
Therefore, it is our hope and desire that the governing authorities would take into consideration options and project engineering that would help eliminate the possibility of losing that special structure at the bridge.
It would grieve us to see the Kellys be so negatively impacted in that particular natural setting and the financial instability it could wreak upon them.
We really hope things will work in favor of the Kellys; they work so hard and deserve the help and consideration of the town and the community at large.

Joan and Roger Cogan,
Cornerstone Health & Fitness