June 24, 2009: A pet peeve over engines


To The Editor:
Today I spent the first half of my lunch hour at home, listening to the idling utility truck across the street. After waiting a reasonable time for it to be shut off, I asked the driver if there was any reason the truck was running. He seemed surprised to be asked, and said he guessed not. Several minutes later he shut off the engine.
Idling vehicles are a pet peeve of mine. Not only do they foul the air (often with noxious diesel fumes) but they waste fuel and contribute to global warming, a massive problem that each of us can do a little something about. Like walking more and driving less; turning off the car when dashing in to the post office to pick up the mail; parking and going into the bank lobby to cash a check instead of idling in the drive-through lane (or at least turning the car off while you wait your turn.)
Dare I suggest trading in the gas guzzling SUV and the pick-up truck you really don’t need on a more fuel-efficient vehicle?
Thanks for letting me, uh, vent on this issue.
Yours for cleaner air,

Diane Galusha,