June 18, 2008: Poor planning continues in Bovina


To The Editor:
The Bovina Town Board recently approved spending $800,000 for a highway garage complex on a one-half acre parcel on Main Street in the historically designated hamlet of Bovina. In light of intense community opposition and a petition that would have forced a successful vote against the plan, the board has now rescinded proposal 2008-85.
However, the board continues to try to fit a round peg in a square hole, compounding errors, and wasting money on a plan that ignores our own comprehensive plan, and in so doing ignores the future generations of Bovina. Bovina is experiencing an increase in families deciding to set up roots in our town. The full-time community is beginning to grow again and with it new ideas for community involvement from cello lessons, to day care, to community exercise classes. This is wonderful to see and signals hope in areas that are more often witness to a decline of permanent residents. However, as a member of the town planning board, I am also acutely aware that Bovina has no room to support these growing ideas. Our community hall, which was originally built for and by the community, has over the years been encroached upon by the post office (which is also out of room) and the make-shift town government offices. Our comprehensive plan calls for relocating the highway garage out of the hamlet to allow for growth of services.
Even though we are in tough economic times, it is unfair to disregard hope for the future. To paraphrase… “We do not inherit from our ancestors, we borrow from our children.” I am petitioning the Bovina Town Board to respond to the increasing enthusiasm of our full-time members and to embrace a visionary regard towards the future as evidenced in our comprehensive plan. Support a plan that encourages the enthusiasm and growth of the full-time community, not a plan that shuts the door on it.

Lynne Resch,