June 11, 2008: Negative energy is hurting progress


To The Editor:
Here we are between the calendar’s benchmarks of patriotism and still in the center of a continuing civil war. There is so much negative energy and personal vendetta swirling around these Catskills, we can’t separate our own bullying selfishness from the real needs of the community as a whole.
All during the “development controversy,” we have heard and read about the damage that will be done to our natural resources. Granted, that is a valid concern. However, as we shoot down growth, we are also destroying our people, their livelihood, and very possibly, the big hand that feeds most of this region: Belleayre with its positive spirit and welcoming countenance. Many of us have been depending on that mountain economically, recreationally and socially for generations.
Has it ever occurred to those opposed to the Belleayre Resort that the current Agreement in Principle, which is supported by many groups who also have passionate environmental concerns, is a compromise? Where is the spirit of reason and discussion and new ideas? Instead of slamming the door in the face of change and improvement, why not submit a more positive alternative that would expand and enhance the local economy, and not chase people away for lack of work, places to go and things to do.
Take all that negative energy and spin it. The results may surprise you.

Carole Chanler,
Pine Hill