July 9, 2008: Little benefit from "Partners" mailing


To The Editor:
The mailing recently sent to all postal patrons in the area by the “Belleayre Compromise Partners for Progress” is so blatantly false and contrary to reality as to defy any semblance of truth, credibility or integrity. The very obvious truth, contrary to their representations, is that this is a small, greedy group of ecosystem-blind businessmen seeking to put their profit margin ahead of the well-being of local citizens, who live and work here, as well as visitors and tourists.
It is not the opponents of the resort who are “few but loud.” It is the proponents who stand to make major profit with no substantial benefit to the community. They are opposed by a large number of local community members, and others who work here, as well as those who are retired or visiting. “Mistrust and self-interest” does not refer to the opponents of the project. It refers to the wealthy few who want to be wealthier, just like the greedy oilmen who are causing the current gas crisis.
The “careers” that they advertise will, in all likelihood, be filled with very minimally paid transient illegal immigrants who pay neither taxes nor government fees, as well as local medical insurance. Their money is sent to their families in their homelands. How is that consistent with “healthy community needs and development?” It is also a misleading statement when they project the potential “average salary” of workers. They should be talking about the mien or median salary, which will be very low compared to theirs. Their profit margin comes way ahead of other people, the environment and personal integrity. Any similarity between what they profess and reality is purely accidental or coincidental. Telling big lies is no impediment.
It is said that the last refuge of a scoundrel is patriotism. The last refuge of an unscrupulous developer is to try to besmirch the reputation, integrity and number of those who oppose them. Our government did the same thing when it falsified body counts in Vietnam to make it appear that we were winning. There is nothing in this project that is designed to help or enhance the community. Who are they trying to bamboozle? You may fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. A self-contained, all-inclusive resort traditionally generates little revenue for surrounding municipalities.

Howard Mandell,
Pine Hill