July 30, 2008: Wind corporation sponsoring trip


To The Editor:
As a lifelong local resident, I have followed closely the public dialogue regarding the proposed wind farm for the towns of Stamford and Roxbury. I think it’s important that all residents and our elected leaders be well-informed and knowledgeable about wind energy before taking a position on such a significant development project for our community.
I recently learned that the project developer has extended another open invitation to community residents to take a bus trip on Saturday, Aug. 9 to an existing 43-turbine wind farm in Wayne County, PA. I took this same trip this past April and found it extremely informative and had many of my questions answered and concerns addressed. I strongly suggest that those residents and local officials whose schedules allow taking this next bus trip to do so. Everyone I have spoken with that has taken the trip has said they now have a better understanding about wind farms and their impacts on host communities, which Stamford and Roxbury very well may be in the future.
We can listen to all the arguments for and against wind energy, but the best way to get educated is to experience a wind farm first-hand. Taking the bus trip and actually seeing and listening to the turbines up close and personal will help residents, and more importantly our elected officials, make an informed decision about the project.
I hope more elected officials and residents take advantage of this opportunity, which is free and open to the public. Call 607 652-4015 to reserve a seat.

Charles (Laddie) McKenzie,