July 29, 2009: Only one willing to take a stand


To The Editor:
After reading the article about the Middletown Town Planning Board appointment process, the only word I can come up with is disgusting.
To find out that a sitting member of the board went to the trouble of taking pictures of the rear end of my car and the sign on my front lawn which show that I am a “Save The Mountain” supporter which has absolutely no bearing on my ability to do the job or not, is not only unconscionable but discriminatory to say the least. In essence it is telling me and everyone else that I am being eliminated from consideration strictly for my using my inalienable right to dissent. And since this is the case being applied to me I feel that everyone on the board who is for the mountain should immediately resign and allow others who are neither for or against the project to take their place. The public might well be served better if applicants with a greater diversity of interests were appointed so that the board would have more balance.
Just so all the facts are known, I was the only one who sent a letter stating that I was willing to be an alternate, which now seems to me to have meant absolutely nothing to the present board members.
I take what has been done as a personal affront, and as a slur against my ability to be fair and impartial under the most extreme circumstances.
In closing I would like to thank Brian Sweeney for having the courage and intelligence to openly question the way the board goes about the appointing process and selecting alternate members, and for pointing out that I should have received more serious consideration because of my excellent qualifications.

Glenna Herz,