July 23, 2008: Totally amazed by writer's account


To the Editor:
I am totally amazed at the letter written by Emilie Davenport, which appeared in the July 16-22nd issue of your paper. Emilie was not a witness to the alleged “altercation” and she has absolutely distorted the facts.
Before stating the facts as the situation unfolded, I must give some background. The building where the auctions are held has no property to speak of and is sandwiched between my property and that of another neighbor. When we are away, we watch one another’s property. We have seen people barbecuing on our neighbor’s property, hitching horses and other forms of trespass, including urinating.
On June 27, at approximately 3:40 p.m., I was in my yard and observed a man and a woman unknown to me on my neighbor’s property. I asked them if I could help them and they responded that they were “just looking.” I told them they had been on private property and the man said: “we didn’t know; now we know.” A few minutes later, the couple appeared again with another man unknown to me. The other man became very belligerent and began yelling that it was none of my business and he could go anywhere he wants. I remained calm and attempted to show him the boundaries. The properties had just been surveyed by two different companies. I also have the maps to mine and the surrounding properties. The belligerent man told me he wanted a trooper to tell him he couldn’t go onto the neighboring property. Jane came out of the building and swore at me.
I dialed the direct number to the Margaretville barracks and Trooper McLaughlin answered the phone. He told me he was busy and could not come out for awhile. I told him it was not an emergency and it could wait.
At approximately 5 p.m., I left my home to pick up a pizza. When I returned, Trooper McLaughlin and Constable Williamson were on location. I showed Trooper McLaughlin my map and Jane swore at me again in his presence. He told her to walk away.
After speaking with Trooper McLaughlin and Constable Williamson, I contacted my neighbor, who in turn, contacted Trooper McLaughlin.
I am not free to comment any further at this time.

Bill Buccheri,