July 23, 2008: Safety issues over Family Dollar plan


To The Editor:
As a longtime resident of Margaretville, I am deeply concerned about the proposed Family Dollar Store that the village planning board is currently considering. At the board’s meeting on Tuesday, July 15, a considerable number of residents raised their concerns and questions regarding issues including traffic, water drainage, potential flooding and the socio-economic impact it will have on our village.
Considering the size and location of the proposed store, one can’t help but wonder how tractor-trailer traffic and other large delivery trucks will impact our village center. When you add those concerns to the nearby Margaretville Central School, I can’t help but ask if this project is worth putting our children’s safety at risk.
As the village planning board considers this application and continues with the State Environmental Quality Review process (SEQR), I feel it is their responsibility to give this a positive declaration under the law and require a full environmental impact statement from the developer. After all, isn’t our safety and preserving our quality of life worth examining all potential impacts before rushing to approve a Family Dollar Store?
I say it is.

Josie Stern,