July 23, 2008: Drive carefully on back roadways


To The Editor:
Some time ago I wrote a letter to the Catskill Mountain News. I was hoping that this letter would make people more aware of their driving habits, but I was wrong. The people who speed on Dry Brook don’t seem to care or are oblivious to the fact that they are speeding. The posted speed limit of Dry Brook is 35 not 65.  If you are driving up Dry Brook, the speed zone ends after Benjamin Brothers, after the big turn and half way up that hill.
Considering the area, I cannot imagine where they are going that they have to drive that fast and if they are running late, leave earlier. Traffic will hold them up. If a person is going the speed limit, no matter where they are on Dry Brook, some people will pass them,  others will stop and yell because the person did not pull over to let them pass. Just for information, if a person is going the speed limit, they do not have to, nor should they, pull over so others can pass. This is for people going “under” the speed limit.
What are these people teaching their children or the young drivers? School is out.  There are kids on this road, going fishing, biking, swimming, etc. Yes, they should be aware of the fact that they are walking on a “road,” but there are no sidewalks and very little, if any, shoulder. 
People need to be aware of this when getting behind the wheel of a car.
The speeding of VF vehicles, people who above all should be careful, is outrageous. If they are responding to a call they should use their lights, but that does not justify their, or their spouses, speeding going home.
On occasion there have been drag races up Dry Brook at night. These people drive without their headlights until they get around the big bend.
 Many people talk about the speeding and wish something could be done, but so many are unwilling to say anything  because they don’t want to cause any friction, some say that it is a “lost cause” to hope that people will slow down. 
So as much as they want the speeding to stop they hope beyond hope that people will “realize” that they are speeding and will suddenly slow down on their own free will.
These people need to wake up and smell the roses before this type of behavior affects them or someone they know.
Pat Kitchen,
Dry Brook Rd., Arkville