July 22, 2009: Shandaken art tour was a hit


To The Editor:
A partial tally of the 34 participating artists in the Shandaken Art Studio Tour came up with these facts: over $6,000 in total art sales, an average of 30 to 40 visitors at each studio, and a big spike in activity in local businesses.
The Arts Upstairs had one of their best sales days in a very long time. 60 Main, a new store in Phoenicia, had their best day ever. People were observed all over town carrying the color brochure and map. I had visitors from around the country and from my own neighborhood. People were delighted with the free, eye opening experience. Here’s a few comments from folks on the tour: “Fun, fun, fun  exciting /exhausting!” “ It was terrific - interested and interesting people.” “Extremely validating, engaging. Made an important contact.” “Lots of fun, lots of great response from the people, 4 were from Boston.” “Wonderful tour.  We had lots of business. We felt the impact...” “Thanks so much for organizing the Shandaken artists tour; the weekend was wonderful.”
Judith Singer deserves the credit for making this art’s festival happen. I helped out every way I could. The two of us, with assistance from Anique Taylor, managed to six-handedly pull off a fabulous event. People are getting an entirely new, fresh and positive impression of our beautiful town. Thanks to the many businesses who sponsored the event. We promise, all of you who wanted to take out an ad in our brochure but didn’t get in this time, you will be in next time. Remember, you can visit artist studios any day of the week, not just on festival weekends. Go to our website, www.ShandakenArt.com to preview our artists’ work and find out how to contact them. And look forward to our Holiday Mini-Tour in early December.
Dave Channon,