July 15, 2009: Accounting needed from Village


To The Editor:
 I read with interest your article about the Fleischmanns Village Hall in the July 1 issue, since the property was taken from me in a condemnation proceeding back in February 2006.
It seems farfetched that the cost of renovating the less-than-700-square-foot building was $235,000 unless that included the sewer plant equipment. Whatever the cost, it did not include the purchase of the property, since I have yet to see a dime. 
Your article notes that the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has paid for the property.  This is not exactly true.  It is my understanding the DEP has given the village funds for the sewer project; which included purchasing the property, but the village has not paid for the property to this date, despite the completion of the project. 
I welcome an accounting, especially payments to the previous village attorney, who, with little oversight, managed to get a good chunk of the money. 

Gabrielle Kirch,