July 1, 2009: Give local couple an opportunity


To The Editor:
As a taxpayer in the Village of Margaretville and the Town of Middletown, I am proud to know that a fine young couple like John and Kate Van Benschoten are willing to step forward and help shoulder the burden of these tough political and economic times, by serving on the local boards.
I do not believe this is Nepotism, as stated in a previous letter, this is Patriotism. They are interested in their communities present and future and willing to work for it.
Many young people today do not have the time, can’t afford to take the time, are not interested enough to take the time, or do not have the ability to serve on the boards.
I believe that John and Kate are capable, qualified and responsible enough to handle the duties of the positions that they serve in Margaretville.
Give them a chance, go to the meetings and see how they conduct themselves. I believe you will be proud also.

Chuck McIntosh,