Judd Hirsch left blowing in the wind on turbine project

By Joe Moskowitz
The Town of Denning Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) has decided that it’s best to wait another month before making a final decision on whether actor Judd Hirsch should be allowed to construct a 176-foot tall wind turbine on his property in the town.
The ZBA was scheduled to make a decision at a meeting last week but tabled the matter for a month because only three members who were familiar with the issue showed up for the meeting.
One member couldn’t make the meeting and another member, who was just appointed, would have been attending his first meeting. It was decided to wait until the March meeting when everyone could be there and would know what is going on.
 The Ulster County Planning Board was asked to help the tiny township, population about 530, figure out what to do. The Planning Board has no authority in this case, but recommended that the town develop a policy for people who want to use alternative energy sources such as wind or solar.
Opponents say the turbine would be unsightly and noisy and that the town code prohibits wind turbines since they are not specifically mentioned as something that is permitted.
Supporters say no one will hear or see it and it should be allowed since local laws do not specifically prohibit it.