Johnson to challenge Moore for MCS Board post


By Joe Moskowitz
Each year some people go to their local schools and vote for or against proposed budgets and usually one member of that school’s board of education. In the case of Margaretville Central School, the turnouts tend to be light as the budget increases are usually considered low and there is often just one candidate running. But things could be different this year.

On May 21 voters will decide whether or not to approve a new spending plan with an increase of 1.98 percent. And this year there is a contest for the one, open seat on the board of education. Board president Randy Moore’s five-year term is ending and he is seeking reelection.

Board chooses president
Board members decide who becomes the board’s president. That is not up to the public. But the public will decide whether Moore remains on the board or if he is replaced by Arkville resident Terry Johnson. He too has school board experience. Johnson stepped down from the board 11 years ago.

He served during a difficult period for MCS that included the dismissal of a superintendent.
Johnson says he is running again because while he understands that state mandates limit the district’s budget flexibility, he feels there is some room to reduce spending. And he says there are deeper problems. He says there is a major division between the staff and the administration and feels the school is headed in the wrong direction.

Moore concedes there are some problems and that’s one of the reasons he is seeking reelection. He says it is a slow proces, but progress is being made. He says many good things have been accomplished and he wants to remain on the board to see things through.
Whoever wins will serve for three years. The district reduced the length of the term in order to attract more candidates.
Voting takes place in the MCS cafeteria on May 21 from 2 until 8 p.m.