Jan. 7, 2009: Why are flowers for Phoenicia only?


To The Editor:
Just wondering…
I recently read an article in the paper pertaining to the flowers in Phoenicia for the summer and how SHARP was requesting $5,000 from the town for the flowers but was disappointed when they only got $2,000.
My question regarding this would be: “Why should the taxpayers from the whole Town of Shandaken pay for flowers to be put up and watered in just Phoenicia and not the rest of the municipalities in the town?”
Also, “Why can’t the businesses and organizations in Phoenicia donate money for the flowers and ask the scouts to take care of the watering to earn some kind of badges?”
I feel if the taxpayers’ money is going to be used for flowers, there should be flowers in Pine Hill, Big Indian, Mt. Tremper, etc. After all, Phoenicia is not the only place in the Town of Shandaken.

Babette Jocelyn,
Pine Hill