It's all about the economy


To The Editor:
There are those that are of the belief that only government can get us out of the depression we are in. They are under the myth that government jobs and government stimulus can create wealth, which would result in us getting out of depression and into a prosperous economy. They want us to believe that corporations are evil and only self serving. They want to put you under the spell that Republicans give taxes breaks only to the rich.

My friends, let’s stop buying into the president spin, “just tax the wealthy a little more” and all will get better, that believe divides us. What we need is to unite. The truth is, we are in a recession with 7.8 percent unemployment a national debt of $16.4 trillion, a federal budget of $3.6 trillion of which we borrow $1.2 trillion. We have an economic growth of 1.2 percent. A good economy needs about 5 percent yearly growth in order to provide good opportunities to all Americans and reduce government dependency. A strong economy allows workers to generate personal wealth through their wages. This wealth enables the worker to buy goods and services, which promotes strong economic growth. Then local, state, federal governments can now collect a reasonable amount of taxes. (Not borrow money from your children.) Government can now collect from all those that create wealth, not just from the rich but also from all working Americans. A good strong economy is the only thing that will save us from this government created budgetary train wreck.

My friends, no matter what the politicians tell you, the truth is we cannot tax our way out, we cannot borrow our way out, and we cannot print our way out. What we need to do is to demand from our elected officials to reduce the size of government, reduce the politician’s addiction to spending. Do away with unreasonable mandates and restriction. We need to put the government back within the legal boundaries of our constitution. Then and only then can we work our way out, united with a common goal, to put American on the path of where it was. What we need is to stimulate our weak economy, not by borrowed government money. We need private capitalistic money (stock market) that invest in the economy for the purpose of creating individual wealth.         

Americans created the first constitutional government and became the creator of the free enterprise system, a capitalistic economy. It is our free economic system combined with capitalism that made us the wealthiest and most powerful county an earth. A system that has elevated America to the highest standard of living in the history of mankind. This system has made us the envy of the world.  Now this president wants to put our way of life under managed central socialistic government control.

 Now the question we must ask ourselves, do we want to throw away our economic freedom for an economy under government control? Is that what we want for our children’s future?

Kurt Holcher