Is it time for pigs to fly?


To The Editor:
The crisis of government in the United States has been building since World War II. The emergence of the imperial presidency and the atrophying of the legislative and judicial branches have deep roots in the post-war Military Industrial Complex. The interesting issue here is not the damage done by the Bush/Clinton/Obama oligarchy and their followers but how they were able to get away with it, given the barriers that exist in our constitution to prevent just the sorts of misuses of power for which they have now become notorious. How did this come about?

We have indeed fought too many wars of choice, starting in 1898 with our imperialist conquest of the Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico and our establishment of the protectorate over Cuba, shortly followed by World War I and World War II, which has produced the most complete mobilization of resources in our history and has now led to the deployment of our military on every continent. After the victory of the 1945, many Americans urged a rapid de-mobilization, which actually was under way when the Cold War and the Korean Ware restored and enlarged our military apparatus. It would never again be reined in, even after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The inevitable result has been a continual transfer of power to the presidency exactly as James Monroe had predicted, the use of executive secrecy to freeze out Congress and the Judiciary, the loss of the Congressional mastery over the budget and now something entirely new, the rise of a terrifying extra-constitutional center of power that is today totally out of control; the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), a rogue elephant, camouflaged in red, white and blue to deceive the American people.

We will never again know peace unless we abolish the CIA and restore intelligence collecting to the state department. The CIA remains first and foremost the president’s own private police army, accountable to no other branch of government, not even Congress. All of the CIA’s budget is “black”- that is, hidden form the American people. The CIA is in charge of overthrowing foreign governments (Italy 1947, Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, Indonesia 1957, Brazil 1961, Dominican Republic 1965, Chile 1973, Greece 1974, Grenada 1983, Nicaragua 1984, Panama1989) and every year in the Philippines since it gained its independence in 1946.

There is also the CIA’s 50-year-old “war” against Cuba and its present “war” against Venezuela and Iran. The CIA is also a purveyor of money laundering, fraud, assassinations (remember President Salvador Allenda of Chile?), dirty tricks, spy operations, renditions, forgery, destabilization of foreign currencies, manipulation of foreign media, black mail illicit businesses, and under-the-table- deals all in open contempt for the concept of international law and the values of the justice upon which our nation stand proud.

Even with the removal of the CIA from the national scene, the mystique of American as a model democracy may have been damaged beyond repair, which is of little concern to our ruling elites whose modus operandi is to bamboozle our citizens into supporting more foreign wars of conquest and aggression (all in the name of “national security” of course) while, at the same time, our people want only jobs and peace.

Come now, tell the truth. Deep down in your heart, do your really believe that Obama or Romney will deliver either of these to you? Do pigs fly? America Aawke!

E. O. England,