Indie band's program to honor Terry Doyle


Roxbury — The New York City-based band Coyote Love has announced that it will lead a “Music Every Day Educational Project” at Roxbury Central School this month to honor the legacy of DJ and local music booster Terry Doyle, who died in February.
“The project brings our philosophy of personal growth through creativity into the schools. The kids take an existing song (“Music Every Day”) and re-write the verses based on themes they discover through text analysis,” says bandleader Hank Coyote Wagner. “Then, their peers perform the music on stage, with members of Coyote Love. It’s a blast!”

Three-day event
The project runs from November 13-15 and concludes with a performance at the school on the afternoon of November 26.
Wagner, who has strong family ties to Delaware County, teamed up, last May, with local educational support group, Greater Roxbury Learning Initiative Corporation (GRLIC) and Creating Rural Opportunities Partnership (CROP), to donate a small version of the project to the school. The program honored of the work and spirit of Doyle, who championed local and independent musicians by spinning their work on his WIOX radio show, “Crackle,” and attending countless gigs throughout the region.
“Terry was the first DJ to spin our music on the radio,” says Wagner. “He was the first to have us play live on air as well. We practically owe our local following to him.”

Received funding
The small-scale project that Coyote Love donated last spring was so well received by students and staff alike that Wagner and GRLIC were strongly encouraged to team-up again, and to apply for a state-funded grant facilitated by Roxbury Arts Group. Now, with funding enough to work with over 40 students and their teachers, the indie rock band will stage a full-scale, student-driven performance on the 26th of this month, with members of Coyote Love playing alongside the students.
“We are doing something that we think Terry would have approved of,” says Hank Coyote, “And to us, that’s a great guiding principal.”