I ask for your vote


To The Editor:
Running for Delaware County Judge has been a humbling experience.  From the moment I declared my intentions to run I have been blessed with support from family, friends, neighbors and clients all freely giving of their time, money and talents.  Never in my wildest dreams did I envision walking down Main Street Margaretville to the kind of cheers we received during the Margaretville Fire Department’s 125th Anniversary parade in July.

I have had the great privilege to dedicate nearly all of my professional life to serving the people of my hometown and the surrounding towns as both an attorney and as a judge.  As an attorney I have always tried to provide quality legal services to those who need it.  As a judge I have tried to be fair, patient, firm but compassionate, even when called to court in the wee hours of morning.

Over the past 25 years many of you have relied upon me.  Many of you have said you don’t want to lose me either as your lawyer or your town judge.  The fact is no one is indispensable.
There are several fine attorneys ready and capable to fill my shoes.
My clients are also my friends and neighbors.  I have worked very hard to take care of your needs.

 The time has come when I ask you to help me achieve my goal.  I truly want to be our next Delaware County Judge so I can try to provide the same service to the people of all of Delaware County that I have provided to the Town of Middletown.
I ask for your vote on November 6 for Delaware County Judge.

Gary A. Rosa,
New Kingston