Hrazanek foreclosure postponed

By Joe Moskowitz
A foreclosure sale set for noon on Tuesday in Delhi, at which Fleischmanns businessman Bill Hrazanek’s would have lost two of his properties in that village, was postponed at the request of mortgage holder Kenneth Pasternak.
Part-time Fleischmanns resident Pasternak had forced the foreclosure sale when he sued Hrazanek, claiming that loans he had made to Hrazanek, with the two properties as collateral, had gone sour. According to legal documents, Hrazanek’s VW Parts Inc. owes Pasternak more than $800,000 on the former Bailey Manufacturing plant, and $210,000 on the former AH Todd facilities.
But at noon on Tuesday, when the foreclosure was to take place on the steps of the county courthouse, there were no lawyers and no judge. Pasternak’s attorney, Dennis Metnick of Margaretville, told the News that the sale had been adjourned at the request of his client, Ken Pasternak. Metnick also said that he has no idea when the foreclosure sale will take place.
In the meantime, Hrazanek is trying to get FEMA to buy the properties.