Hospital Thrift Shop volunteers to earn citizenship honors

By Brian Sweeney
The volunteers who operate Margaretville Hospital Auxiliary’s Thrift Shop will receive the Keene A. Roadman Citizenship Award at the auxiliary’s Harvest Moon Ball on October 20.

Nearly 30 volunteers help staff the Auxiliary Thrift Shop, located on Main Street, Margaretville. The shop, which offers clothing, house wares, books and other items, raises approximately $50,000 annually. The funds are earmarked each year for equipment purchases to benefit the hospital or its sister facility, Mountainside Residential Care Center.

Auxiliary member Sue Adams said that recipient of the Keene Roadman Citizenship Award is selected by the hospital’s board of directors.

“The board felt that this year, with the flood causing extensive damage to the store, our volunteers performed an extraordinary amount of work — they worked full speed ahead to get it back up and running,” Sue pointed out.

Located on the northern portion of Main Street, the shop was heavily damaged by the August 28, 2011 flood that saw water levels in the store reach about seven feet high.
The store’s inventory was completely ruined and the building itself had to be completely gutted. Sue noted that building owner Peter Numann responded quickly by lining up contractors to get the renovations underway.

Auxiliary volunteers jumped into the fray just as soon as the floodwaters had receded. They worked diligently to remove the damaged inventory and to assist in any way possible. Everything had to be removed because of the contamination created by the flooding. The racks even had to be steam cleaned before they could again be utilized.

Sue also explained that, even when the store was closed, the organization was receiving a tremendous amount of donated items from the public.

“During that time, we were continuing our intake of donations and sorting and boxing up the merchandise – the work didn’t stop,” she pointed out.

Through these tireless efforts, the store was open for business by February 1.
“It didn’t take long to get it filled back up,” Sue recalled.

The Thrift Shop was moved to its current location in February 2009. The new space provides about three times more room than the previous storefront in the Masonic Building. The shop continues to grow and provide key revenue for the auxiliary’s fund-raising efforts.

Pat Tucker co-chairs the Thrift Shop along with Auxiliary President Eleanor Aulino. Pat also serves as the auxiliary treasurer. She said that, during the busy summer months, the store can take in up to $7,000 in a week.

She said that between getting the ready to reopen and dealing with a large number of donations, the volunteers have been kept on the run.

”We have an energetic staff and we try to make the store look as attractive as possible,” Pat stated.
She added that many generous donations have been received from the public in recent months, keeping the shelves and racks brimming with goods — and workers busy with stocking and sales duties.

The volunteers will be honored at the Harvest Moon Ball, planned for Saturday, Oct. 20 at 6 p.m. at Hanah Country Resort, Margaretville. Entertainment will be provided by Blues Maneuver. Tickets are $85 each. For ticket information, please call Pat Kolar at 845 586-2631, ext. 3145 or Eleanor Aulino at 845 586-4028.