Hospital enhances emergency services


Margaretville Hospital is continuing to make improvements to its Emergency Department as part of the facility’s ongoing commitment to enhance patient services.
The hospital recently completed conversion of a waiting area adjacent to the Emergency Department into an office/conference room. This renovation follows the renovation of the former Intensive Care Unit into an expanded Emergency Department (ED) with five private patient beds and a two-bed trauma room.
Cosmetic improvements include new countertops and painting throughout the ED. The space that formerly served as the ED is now being utilized for cardiology-related work such as stress testing.

Staffing added
In addition to increasing the size of the ED and adding more patient privacy, the departmental staffing has also been expanded. Erin Wood, RN, Emer­gency Department Nurse Manager, said her staff now provides 24-hour coverage by either a physician assistant or nurse practitioner, two RNs are on duty during the day and one RN and an ED tech cover the night shift. The department previously had additional person­nel only for weekend coverage.
Ms. Wood said that the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system that recently went online at Margaretville Hospital is another innovation that will improve patient services. She in­dicated that the EMR will make it possible for patients to access their lab tests and diagnostic results online via e-mail, if they choose to opt for this option. This system is currently in the evaluation stage, but Ms. Wood said that patient e-mail information is already being collected for those who would like to participate when the service is implemented.
Another recent innovation in the department is the incorporation of an i-STAT System, a handheld blood analyzer for patient and bedside point-of-care testing that provides results in minimal time.

Long distance help
Ms. Wood explained that the ED staff also has access to telemedicine technology that allows affiliated physicians who are not on site to actually see and talk to patients when they are in the ED.
“Telemedicine assists with diagnostics and, should a patient require a transfer, the physician is able to become familiar with their case before they are transferred to another facility,” Ms. Wood noted. “We are currently looking to expand this service.”
A new Pyxis Medication Management system is being installed and it’s anticipated that staff will be utilizing the new software by the end of June. The upgraded system stores patient data and adds safeguards for proper medication administration.
“We constantly strive to provide our patients with the best care possible and these improvements keep us moving toward that goal,” Ms. Wood commented.
Margaretville Hospital, which is a member of HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley, is located at 42084 State Highway 28, Margaretville. For additional information, please contact Mrs. Wood 845 586-2631, ext. 3224.

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