Horizons show opening at Longyear

Opening this week is a new collective show by the Longyear member artists, featuring Transitory Horizons, a solo exhibition by Ann Lee Fuller. The artists’ reception will take place at Longyear Gallery on Saturday, September 27, from 4 to 7 p.m.
Ann Lee Fuller describes her work as being “a combination of literal and abstract, a meeting of contrasts.” Her well known work is inspired by the shifting weather of the Catskill Mountains rural landscape with its transitory horizons and unique moments of light created when sky meets land. “My aim is to use the landscape to stir feelings of longing, promise, and the passage of time, while my process has become a response to color, suggesting rather than spelling out detail,” she explains. Her paintings have been called “dream-like” — composed of generous skies, mist shrouded mountains, and low horizons.
“I am strictly a studio painter,” says Fuller, “and of late I rarely use photographs for reference. I spend a lot of time looking. I often get so deep into the work that I lose all perspective about whether it’s good or not, whipsawing back and forth between the extremes – it’s the best painting I’ve ever done; it’s the worst. I may walk past a painting in progress and shield my eyes so I don’t have to look at it and won’t spend hours changing something that I might regret and want to change back again tomorrow.”
Fuller earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts from Keuka College and later pursued further studies at The Corcoran College of Art is Washington, D.C. and Pratt Center for Computer Graphics in New York. Before turning to painting, she enjoyed a long career in Graphic Design with Fulton & Partners Inc. and ID Magazine and in 1987 founded Fuller Design Inc.
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